Winter Olympics, we salute you

09 Feb Winter Olympics, we salute you

Today, the 9th February 2018, saw the launch of the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics.

And today we want to give a big shout out to one of our brilliant surf instructors, Maisie Potter, as we know it will be a bitter sweet day for her.

As well as being a brilliant Surf Snowdonia coach, Maisie is a talented snowboarder, and was well on her way to qualifying for Team GB to compete in this year’s Winter Olympics Games.

Sadly, Maisie suffered an injury and broke her heel back during an Olympic qualifier back in December, which put her out of this year’s competition, something which she had worked so hard for.

We know Maisie is hugely resilient, completely dedicated and tough as – and she assures us she will be back training soon (you might have heard her say the very same when she was interviewed by BBC Radio 4 this morning).

Maisie is very likely to be a serious contender for the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022. We look forward to her return to Surf Snowdonia for another season in 2018 (our inland waves, by the way, are a great way for her to train during the summer – see what Maisie says about how they help her training below).

We’re sure you’ll join us in wishing her a swift return to full health and fitness. Maisie is a total legend, and you’ll definitely be seeing more of her in the future.


Did you know that surfing can be a great way to train for other board sports?

This is what Maisie had to say about working at Surf Snowdonia:

“Getting a job at Surf Snowdonia has been a great way of being able to combine work with staying in shape for my winter training schedule.

“One of the perks of working there is having access to ‘staff surf’ most days. Pumping Surf Snowdonia’s waves is very similar to generating speed on my snowboard, because it uses the same sort of muscle control.  It’s been great to have been able to maintain my stamina and strength over the summer.”