We help Matthew Bryce get back to the sport he loves

13 Nov We help Matthew Bryce get back to the sport he loves

We can’t tell you how happy we are to be part of this amazing story.

Cast your mind back to the spring of this year. You’ll almost certainly remember the story of Matthew Bryce, the surfer who made headlines around the world when he was rescued on Monday, 1st May, after spending 32 hours adrift at sea.

Matthew was found clinging to his board 13 miles from the coast of Northern Ireland after going surfing at Westport Beach in Kintyre, Scotland. Strong winds and tides had pulled him 16 miles away from his start point on the Scottish coast.

His dramatic rescue, by Coastguard helicopter, took place just as the sun was setting on his second day at sea. Matthew had been convinced he would not survive. Following his rescue, he spent eight days in hospital recovering from the effects of hypothermia.

Matthew initially said his experience had been too traumatic to contemplate surfing again.  And that was totally understandable.

But we couldn’t help wondering if our inland waves could help Matthew get back to the sport he loved, and we got in touch with an open invitation to come visit if, and when, he ever felt up to it.

We are delighted to say that just 6 months after his Irish Sea rescue, Matthew was up for it. He came down to stay at Surf Snowdonia with a group of his closest surfer friends who cheered him back onto the waves.

Check out our clip hear Matthew’s story and see how he got on.

Our highly supervised and controlled environment presents surfers with far fewer dangers than they might encounter in the sea. Surf Snowdonia is an ideal training arena for surfers who are less confident about navigating tides, rocks and other ocean hazards.