Surfing Zero to Surfing Hero: Part 1


05 Sep Surfing Zero to Surfing Hero: Part 1

What do you get when you take one keen – but beginner – surfer and put them on our world-first inland surf lagoon for two hours? A crest-of-the-wave victory, or a total wipeout? How fast is possible when it comes to learning how to surf?

Let us set the scene a bit here. You might expect to say as much, but our 300-metre surf lagoon has some distinct advantages over surfing in the ocean.

Perhaps the most important one for our learners is that there’s no hanging around waiting for the swell to be right – our waves are guaranteed to roll every 90 seconds, every day of the week.

But it’s the consistency and regularity of those waves that really helps our learners to fast-track their progression. Our surfers can go from zero to hero far quicker than would be possible in the ocean.

Putting consistency to the test

Earlier this season we got in touch with North Wales-born adventurer and endurance athlete Ash Dykes. We knew Ash was keen to have a go on our waves, and we were delighted to catch him home for a few days between his globe-trotting adventures and expeditions.

Ash had only been on a board once in his life (and that was seven years ago!), so was pretty much starting from scratch when he rocked up to take on a beginner lesson with us. Want to know how he got on?

Check out his progress here:

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