Nico Von Lerchenfeld takes on our waves

07 Nov Nico Von Lerchenfeld takes on our waves


Wow. Another world-premiere in our wave garden. A wake boarder. Doing crazy stuff. With a winch. On our waves.

Check out the breath-taking clip below to see what happened when professional wakeboarder and Rider of the Year 2016 Nico Von Lerchenfeld visited Surf Snowdonia with a crew from German action sport channel Team Playground.

To put this extraordinary stunt in perspective: Wakeboarders usually get pulled in wide open water by cable winches or lifts, the idea is that they glide over the water and jump over obstacles: ramps, walls, fences or waves. Playing with the waves of a Wavegarden like ours has never been done before.

This daring project was a huge logistical effort. A temporary extra lift system – the System 2.0 by Sesitec – was built to pull Nico through the waves. There were five cameras to capture all the action, as well as a drone and an underwater camera man.

The result is thrilling, gravity-defying stuff.  Hold on tight. And enjoy.