Meet the team – Ayla

16 May Meet the team – Ayla

Like every good organisation knows, the success of your business is directly related to the talent of your team.

Here at Surf Snowdonia we are lucky to have some fantastic colleagues who between them have an astonishing amount of energy, enthusiasm, experience and expertise. We thought it was about time we introduced you.

Ayla Gowling – Surf Snowdonia coach


Ayla is 26 years old and comes from Conwy, North Wales. She has a degree in physical education and school sports from Edge Hill University. This is her story.

“After completing my degree, I decided to take a gap year and I went travelling to Australia and South East Asia. I watched surfers everyday as I was always at the beach, and even tried it a few times. I was no natural though sadly! I knew the only way to get better was to surf more. But I was working different jobs and travelling around a lot, so I put surfing to one side.

“When I moved back to Wales I started applying for different teaching jobs – my ambition had been to teach PE. Then lo and behold Surf Snowdonia appeared in the valley, just 10 minutes from my house in Conwy. It looked truly amazing, so I thought I would apply for a job.

“When I first started working at Surf Snowdonia I was working in the surf shop, and I also worked with the on-site photographers to sell the surf photos. Because I love working with people, I really enjoyed these roles. One of the perks of working here is the daily staff surf. I started to get myself out every morning and would constantly ask the instructors for tips and advice on how I could improve.

“I caught the ‘surf bug’ pretty quickly, and after just a month of waves I was well and truly hooked. I could see I was really starting to improve, and I quickly worked my way up the waves from beginner to intermediate and beyond.

“Months went by and I was surfing the lagoon every single day and going to the nearest beaches surfing with my dad most weekends. I was super keen, and I decided to make it my goal to one day become a surf instructor, so that I could still fulfil my passion for teaching, but also combine it with this amazing sport.

“So I did it! I am now coaching my third season at Surf Snowdonia, and have also taught a winter season in Mexico, and a second winter season in Barbados. It’s been a brilliant couple of years!

Kickstarting a brand-new career

“Thanks to Surf Snowdonia I have been able to kickstart my surfing career and learn to surf in just a matter of months – a skill that would probably have taken me years to develop in the ocean.

“I have met some amazing people, including some of my best friends, and my boyfriend Ruben (who is also a surf instructor here!). Like I said earlier, I am so lucky to be able to use my degree in sports coaching in a job that I love.

“Surf Snowdonia has supported me so much, and I truly want to inspire other people who have always wanted to learn how to surf to come along and give it a try. It really could change your life too!”

Ayla’s favourite part of the job:

Colleagues. Customers. Seeing kids’ faces when they catch their first wave.

You can get involved too!

Why not come down to our Girls on Board showcase on 2nd June to meet Ayla and find out how you could get on board with surfing! Find out more here.