John Power is on his way to Electric Wave

26 Jul John Power is on his way to Electric Wave

Fresh from a family holiday on the Welsh coast in Cardigan, John Power is heading north this weekend for our Electric Wave Festival.

The rhythm guitar-based frontman of Cast (he was of course bassist with The La’s too) will be performing on our main Academy Stage this Sunday evening, 29 July 2018. We caught up with him earlier this week ahead of what is set to be a storming acoustic set this weekend.

Are you looking forward to heading up to North Wales this weekend?

I’m from Liverpool so I’ve been all over North Wales as a kid. Most of my family holidays when I was a kid were in Anglesey and Conwy, I must have been in Conwy Castle at least seven or eight times. Wales is a very beautiful country – the mountains, the coast and the greenery… we love driving through and visiting Wales. Some of those A roads are great. So yes, we’re looking forward to it.

Do you like playing festivals?

We’ve played loads of big festivals right down to the smallest, as well as tiny backstreet boozers and the rest. Wherever you are when you get on stage you’re in the moment, you have to put yourself right into it, so in a way it doesn’t matter where you are. What I like about festivals is that they’re nice and relaxed, people are there to have a great time, not just for one band. I’m really looking forward to playing this one.

What gives music its longevity?

It’s all about melody and relatability. If it does it for you, it will do it for someone else too, generally. I’m slightly traditional in that I believe in choruses and verses, and that’s the way I’ve always written. People have been singing throughout the history of time – music is a great medium for expressing all sorts of emotions and people will relate to it in a way that’s meaningful for them.

Like any great art, part of its appeal is that it’s open for interpretation. When people feel that connection with a song it becomes personal. Any type of art lasts if it’s good enough. A good tune and a good groove. A bit of authenticity as opposed to some throw away fad.

What kind of things inspire your writing?

Good art is an expression of nature and the nature of things. I spent a lot of time wandering and camping around North Wales when I was younger, and generally just being in nature and in the mountains is inspiring. We are all creatures of nature aren’t we? A lot of my writing has been influenced by nature.

What can we expect from your set?

We’ll be playing a mixture of new and old, some rootsy and bluesy stuff from Stormbreaker and some stuff from Willow She Weeps and Happening for Love too. And we’ll be playing some Cast songs as well. It’ll be a great show.

Are you a surfer?

I’ve been called many things in my life but a surfer isn’t one of them. My missus is looking forward to a surf though, so I think we’ll be having a go. We’ll be there for the whole weekend and we’re looking forward to just hanging out and enjoying ourselves.

John Power plays Electric Wave Festival’s main academy stage at 7.55pm on Sunday 29th July 2018.  Day tickets £34.35 / weekend tickets £59.65 / weekend with camping £88.25. Check out the full festival line up and buy your tickets here.