Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.  If there is anything that we haven’t managed to answer, please feel free to drop us an email at

How long do I get for my surf session?
You will get around 55 minutes in the water. Surf lessons are 90 mins in total with approx. 30 mins of that spent on dry side instruction and five minutes for changeover. Waves sessions are one hour, including a short five-minute safety briefing.
Do you need to be able to swim?
For any water-based activity we recommend that you should be able to swim at least 50 metres unaided. You should be happy and confident in the water. Please ensure any children in your care meet these criteria too.
How does it work?
Our lagoon generates man-made waves every 90 seconds. To simplify a little bit, a piece of kit a little like an underwater snowplough runs along rails under water in the middle of the lagoon. It creates a consistently powerful dynamic wave. All of the moving parts are enclosed by a mesh tunnel under the central pontoon. Clever hydrodynamics mean that it simultaneously generates several different wave profiles: beginner, intermediate and advanced.
Is it cold?
The water temperature varies according to the season. You might expect 8 degrees in March and 20 degrees in August. We recommend winter-weight wetsuits, boots, hoods and gloves in cooler months. Our wetsuit hire is seasonally appropriate.
Where does the water go when we drain it?
We don’t add any chemicals to our water – it is cleaned using UV light and filtration. That means we can drain it directly into the River Conwy. It takes around 24 hours to drain.
Do I have to book?
Booking in advance is highly recommended. Please do not travel to surf with us unless you have checked availability.
What time does the bar shut?
Last orders is normally 11pm.
Can I bring dogs?
We welcome dogs outside, but only on our decking areas. For health and safety reasons (bearing in mind our surfers walk in bare feet) we do not allow dogs on the perimeter walkway around the lagoon. And we’re sorry for any inconvenience, but dogs are not allowed in our café areas or in the glamping village.
Do you offer video?
We don’t currently offer video.
How big are the waves?
We have three different waves that all run simultaneously in distinct areas of the lagoon. An over-head ‘advanced’ wave, a waist-high ‘intermediate’ wave  and the knee-high ‘beginner’ waves.
How many waves am I likely to get during a session?
Surfers on the advanced and intermediate waves work on a rotation basis (three per wave, so each surfer catches every third wave) and the wave runs every 90 seconds. Surfers in the beginner bays will get every other wave.
Will kayaks and surf kayaks be allowed on the lagoon?
We welcome surf-specific kayaks and skis but for the safety of all our lagoon users we can only accommodate them on the advanced wave.  Please only book as a kayaker on this wave if you have the necessary skills and experience to ride our over-head waves. It’s critical that you are able to get off the wave at the necessary spot and not run into the beginner bays. Failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave the wave. You’ll need to bring your own boat, paddle and helmet (although we will be carrying a couple of Ride Demo kayaks which you can rent). 
Are you recruiting staff?
We’re always happy to hear from talented and enthusiastic individuals. Our career opportunities range from surf instructors, lifeguards, retail staff, catering staff, booking and reception staff to engineers, marketeers and accountants. If you feel that you have the skills and the personality to join us please click here to download the Expression of Interest for Employment at Surf Snowdonia and email it back along with your CV to We’ll contact you as soon as suitable job specifications become available.
How much does it cost?
It depends on the level you surf at and whether you visit on a peak or off-peak day. Adult wave sessions start at £35 per hour, child from £25. Adult surf lessons start at £50 for 90 minutes, child from £40.
When are the peak and off-peak sessions?
Off-peak pricing applies outside of school holidays and public holidays from 4pm on Sundays until Thursday evening. Peak prices apply from Friday morning until Sunday 4pm, as well as in school holidays and on public holidays.
What age do you need to be?
We offer surfing from age 5+. Children aged 5-7 must be accompanied in the water by a non-surfing adult. Crash & Splash is suitable for children aged 12+ (and a minimum of 50kg, maximum weight of 115kg). Family Crash & Splash is suitable for children aged 5+.
What discount can I get?
Look for our off-peak availability which is substantially cheaper than peak. We also offer annual membership for £100 which entitles the member to a 20% discount on all water-based activities, accommodation and events. The discount applies to our retail too, with the exception of SmoothStar skate boards and surf boards.
Is the water salty?
No, our waves are made out of pure Welsh rain water. We draw our water from reservoirs in the Carneddau mountains above the Conwy Valley. It passes through a neighbouring hydroelectricity plant before filling our lagoon.
What thickness is the wetsuit?
We offer seasonally appropriate wetsuits for hire at £5 per day.
What else is there?
As well as surfing we offer a Wipeout-style Crash & Splash obstacle lagoon, a soft play café, a skate ramp, retail, bar and surf-side café diner. We also have cosy glamping pod accommodation, a TiPi events space and a corporate boardroom which is available for hire. We host regular events and live music.
Do we need to book in the restaurant?
We always recommend booking in advance, especially if you are visiting during busy times (weekends and school holidays). You can book by visiting the restaurant welcome post or by calling us on 01492 353 123.
Can we buy photographs of our time on the waves?
Our photographers are always on site to capture your session. You can view your images at the Surf Photo Hut (on the decking next to the soft play café) after your session. Buy your digital copies from £7.50 per image.
Can I wear my glasses in the lagoon?
For practical reasons you cannot wear glasses / spectacles in the water – they would be washed away by the waves. If you can’t surf without glasses, we recommend you ask your optician about getting some prescription goggles in advance of your visit.
Do I have to pay to get into the park?
No, parking and entry to Surf Snowdonia is free. We have always wanted to make the park accessible to anybody who might want to come to watch the surfing, enjoy the atmosphere and have a coffee, drink or a meal. You only pay if you choose to take part in a specific activity like surfing, the activity lagoon or indoor soft play.

Is there accommodation on site?
Yes! We offer glamping accommodation, with each glamping pod sleeping up to four people in two single beds and one double. Glamping guests get free access to our hot tubs and sauna. Delicious food and drink served in our surf-side diner, cafes and bar.

What is there to do in the local area?
North Wales is known to many as the ‘Heart of Adventure’. Whilst staying with us at Surf Snowdonia you are not restricted to on-site activities. There is plenty going on close by including walking, climbing, kayaking and world-class mountain biking. You’ll also find the world’s fastest zipwire just down the road as well as a cavern converted into a huge trampoline system with slides and neon lights!!! Check out for some ideas.